My Story

Imagine a world where energy is evenly distributed for everyone.

My Story

I have been in the Information Technology industry for the past 28 years. I taught IT programs for college students, I have administrated networks, and built and implemented information systems. I worked with email marketing and customer relationship management systems over the years.

In 2004, I became interested in how people use energy around the world. I was working on a project to help us reduce energy consumption and improve efficiency for large corporations and power companies. I decided wanted to share what I have learned with others, by writing these blog articles.

What I’ve observed and come to understand is, that here in the United States, consumers have little to no incentives to use less energy as long as it is cheap enough. For energy companies to make more money they must either increase the amount of power they sell by building more plants or raise the price of energy they produce.

Energy companies have no incentives to be more efficient or produce less energy. Why? Because our energy companies are motivated by profits for the investors and for incentives in the form of bonuses for management. I am not saying that profiting is a bad thing, but when profit is placed above every other consideration it can be narrow-sighted and not necessarily best for the environment or the future.

I hope that this blog will help to educate us about how we all contribute to the mistakes that have been made, and potential solutions to the problems described in these articles. I hope the articles will help you to see that there are solutions available, but we need to change how we think about energy and the status quo. As business owners, executives, parents, children, and consumers demand change, solutions will become available. I hope you enjoyed your visit.

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Mark W. Schlorholtz

Mark Schlorholtz
Mark W. Schlorholtz

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